Advice on Writing Objections

You must submit in Portuguese.
Write in your own language first and use DeepL to translate your submission:

1.    Start with an introduction that names the project:

‘I am writing to object to the Central Fotovoltaica de Estoi because….’

2.    State your opinion or evidence to the contrary of that presented in the Non-technical report:


I think the size of 154 hectare is too large and especially as it will damage a huge area of National Ecological Reserve land. Isn’t this type of land supposed to protected? You can’t normally build anything on it.

A CFE carece de comunicação prévia à CCDR-Algarve para a ocupação de “áreas estratégicas de infiltração e de proteção e recarga de aquíferos”

I hope that the CCDR do not grant permission in this case, as it does not appear appropriate to do so.

EG. 2

‘The non-technical report states that it will bring lots of money to the area but I don’t see how. Not many workers are needed to run this type of installation and local people are more likely to lose money, with a drop in their house values and less tourists coming to enjoy the beauty. And yet this supposed benefit is mentioned 3 times in the table on page 29.


On page 43, the report says that they will measuring the water levels in the aquifer for three years after it’s installed, which suggests they have concerns about their solar project affecting water levels;

‘Locais de monitorização: a captação JCS1 Barrocais, que se localiza fora da área de estudo do projeto fotovoltaico de Estoi: O nível piezométrico e obter os parâmetros in situ (pH, temperatura, condutividade)’

 They also say they will monitor for levels of heavy metals in the aquifer water;

‘Carbono Orgânico Total (COT), Condutividade, pH, Temperatura, Sólidos Suspensos Totais (SST), Zinco, Cobre, Chumbo, Cádmio, Crómio, Níquel, Ferro e Hidrocarbonetos Totais.’

Therefore, I seriously want to know what’s in those solar panels that could leach into our drinking water? This project shouldn’t be allowed if there is any risk at all.


3.    State your opinion or evidence about the omissions in the report:

EG. 4

Removing 154 hectares of vegetation could seriously affect the natural water cycle. We need plants to help encourage rainfall, so why is the removal of the trees and bushes downplayed in this report?

Anyone who goes to the proposed location can see it’s very green there and even the report confirmed this:

‘’Atualmente a área de estudo da CFE tem um carácter marcadamente de Matos (cerca de 45%), de Pomares (cerca de 34%), Agricultura com espaços naturais e seminaturais (cerca de 10%), Rede viária e espaços associados (cerca de 4%), Olivais (cerca de 3%), e Culturas temporárias de sequeiro e regadio (cerca de 2%).’’

 We should be planting more trees in this dry region, not removing them.


Much of the land is Reserva Ecologica National, which is barely mentioned in the RNT, only on pages 11 and 13. I understand that it’s not usually allowed to clear vegetation from REN designated for the recharge of aquifers, so why can Iberdrola propose to do it? It’s one rule for normal citzens and another rule for the big companies.


4.    Write things that apply to you personally:


The proposed project is very close to my home and I’m worried and the lorries would be passing by my house for many months during the building phase. I don’t want to live with all that dust and noise and then it could likely to be hotter because all the vegetation would have been removed.


Water is a real issue around here and my concern is that my own water supply might be affected by the changing of the landscape. It’s not a good idea to build on top of the flood area of an aquifer when you could potentially alter the way they natural system had functioned for thousands of years.

EG. 8

I live to the south of the planned area of implementation and I’m seriously worried about the glare I’ll get from 175,000 panels facing in my direction.


I’ve lived here for twenty years and walk my dogs here at the beautiful spot during this time. This is classic Barrocal landscape and it’s such a shame to destroy it because the company is too lazy to find a better place.


5.    Write about things you have specific knowledge about:


I’ve been hunting this land since I was a boy and it’s part of my culture. Obviously, I know through experience that this wild area is home to lots of animals and I’ve even seen a lynx up on the hill last year.


I see the eagles fly over this land almost every week, it’s part of their hunting ground. They come looking for rabbits and rabbits can’t live under solar panels can they, so eagles won’t come her anymore. It’s very sad to think this beauty could be destroyed and across such a large area. 154 hectares is too big and will have a large negative impact on biodiversity.

Topics to write about….

List: Loss of biodiversity, Loss of habitats, Risks to water Risks of water pollution, Negative effects for residents during construction, EMF riss for residents after implementation, Loss of tourism business, Glare from panls to the South, Cycling, Walking, Hunters rights, soil erosion,