Guia de Registo e Apresentação de Propostas

STEP ONE – Register for public consultation

1. Go to –

2. Click on ‘Registro’ in the top right-hand corner.

3. Click on ‘Individual’. (Or ‘Coletivo’ if you are submitting on behalf of a group).

4. Fill in you name, (where it says ‘Nome’), your email address and choose a password (minimum 12 character but no need for capital letters, numbers or special characters), confirm your password.

5. In the following box, marked ‘Concelho’ – choose ‘Tavira’.

6. Go to the bottom left corner and check the box that starts ‘Concordo….’

7. No need to fill in anything else on that page; just click ‘Submeter’ in the bottom right corner.

8. Close down the page.

9. The Portal Participa website will send you and email straight away. Open it and click on the highlighted ‘Activação de registo’ link.

10. This will open again, but DON’T use it. Close the link.

STEP TW0 – File a participation

11. Paste

– Into the web browser and open up the Portal Participa website.

12. Click on ‘Login’, in the the right-hand corner.

13. Fill in your email address and password and click ‘Entrar’

14. Click on ‘Participar’.

15. On the right-hand side click ‘Classificador’ and then choose ‘Discordância’.

16. Write, (or copy and paste) your commentary in the large box. There is plenty of space to say what you want.

17. If you wish to attach supporting images or documents, you can add them below the commentary box.

18. Click ‘Submeter’ in the bottom right-hand corner.

19. That’s it, done! And many, many thanks for taking time to stand up for nature and the future generations to come. 


To Register for the Public Consultation,
to Login or Submit an objecion: