When the ESTOI-TAVIRA solar project comes into the public domain, it will be during the public consultation period with APA (the Portuguese Environment Agency). This is the time when the public have an opportunity to review the details of the project and oppose it if they want to. This consultation period can vary between 13-40 days in length.

PROBAAL will certainly object to the project at this stage – but most importantly, the greater the number of objections registered with the APA, the better the chances of stopping the project are.

Individuals and groups can use the resources that PROBAAL will provide on this website, to register their own objections – and, we will be available to support anyone wishing to do this. When the time comes, please, please, please, take your chance to be a part of protecting this land and the water beneath it, for yourselves and for future generations.

Watch this space – for further information