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During the public consultation for Central Solar Fotovoltiaica de Estoi – 831 online submssions were registered.

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What happens NEXT?

Chapter III > Section II

Article 15
Public participation
1 – Following the issuance of the decision on the conformity of the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) provided for in the preceding article, the EIA authority shall, within five days, publicise and disclose the EIA procedure in accordance with articles 28 to 31, initiating public consultation, which shall take place for a period of 30 days.
2 – Within seven days of the conclusion of the public consultation period, the EIA authority shall send the public consultation report to the EC (Evaluation Committee).

Article 16
Final opinion and issuance of the EIS

1 – The EC, taking into account the technical opinions received, the technical assessment of the EIA, the public consultation report and other relevant elements of interest contained in the dossier, shall prepare the final technical opinion of the EIA procedure and forward it to the EIA authority, for preparation of the EIS proposal, up to 15 days before the expiry of the deadlines set out in paragraph 2 of article 19.

Article 16
Final opinion and issuance of the EIS

2 – In view of the opinion of the EC, the EIA authority shall consider, in conjunction with the applicant, the possible need to modify the project to avoid or reduce significant effects on the environment, as well as the need to provide for additional environmental minimisation or compensation measures.

3 – Where the preceding paragraph applies, the procedure shall be suspended for a period not exceeding six months to allow the applicant to submit the reformulated elements of the project.

4 – The suspension of the procedure shall end with the submission of the reworked elements by the applicant to the EIA authority.

5 – The nature or content of the elements may give rise to a new collection of opinions, a new pronouncement by the EC as well as the repetition of essential formalities, namely public consultation, the latter period being reduced to 10 days.

6 – The EIS shall be issued by the EIA authority within 50 days from the date on which the period established under paragraph 3 expires, or from the date on which the applicant submits the reformulated elements of the project, if this occurs earlier.

We await the decision of the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA)

is active until 20th July 2023

By writing an objection to this project YOU could potentially help preserve a beautiful area of National Ecological Reserve (REN) land near Cerro do Leiria, Tavira from destruction AND protect the water supply hidden beneath it.

You only need your name and email address to register, and object.

Thank you for making this valuable contribution today.

The resources to make your submission to PUBLIC CONSULTATION via the Portal Participa website are set out in the sections below.

If you are registered with Portal Participa
and are ready to submit:

The step-be-step guide to registering your email address and submitting your objection:

STEP ONE – Register for public consultation

1. Go to –

2. Click on ‘Registro’ in the top right-hand corner.

3. Click on ‘Individual’. (Or ‘Coletivo’ if you are submitting on behalf of a group).

4. Fill in you name, (where it says ‘Nome’), your email address and choose a password (minimum 12 character but no need for capital letters, numbers or special characters), confirm your password.

5. In the following box, marked ‘Concelho’ – choose ‘Tavira’.

6. Go to the bottom left corner and check the box that starts ‘Concordo….’

7. No need to fill in anything else on that page; just click ‘Submeter’ in the bottom right corner.

8. Close down the page.

9. The Portal Participa website will send you and email straight away. Open it and click on the highlighted ‘Activação de registo’ link.

10. This will open again, but DON’T use it. Close the link.

Now go to STEP TWO. 

STEP TW0 – File a participation

11. Paste

– Into the web browser and open up the Portal Participa website.

12. Click on ‘Login’, in the the right-hand corner.

13. Fill in your email address and password and click ‘Entrar’

14. Click on ‘Participar’.

15. On the right-hand side click ‘Classificador’ and then choose ‘Discordância’.

16. Write, (or copy and paste) your commentary in the large box. There is plenty of space to say what you want.

17. If you wish to attach supporting images or documents, you can add them below the commentary box.

18. Click ‘Submeter’ in the bottom right-hand corner.

19. The screen will refresh and say ‘Obrigada! – aguarde…’ Please keep the page open for a short time otherwise the submission might not have uploaded. Then you can click the refresh button and see if the number of submisions goes up by one. 

20. That’s yours! and it’s done! Many thanks for taking time to stand up for nature and the future generations. 


For guidance on how to write a personal submission:

EASY – Copy and Paste submissions for you to use:

We understand that not everyone has time to study the materials and write a detailed personal submission but may still want to object to Central Fotovoltaica de Estoi:

* Click buttons below for TEXT TEMPLATES for you to use – simply select a topic.

* COPY and PASTE the text into the submission box on the Portal Participa website.

* You can still make your OWN ADDITIONS to the text, as long as it’s in PORTUGUESE.

* Use the DeepL translator below to translate any extra text.

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