Public consultation

Citizens will play a vital part in protecting their locality into the future

As of 18th May 2023, this project is in the PUBLIC CONSULTATION phase.

Please join us during this period of 42 days, during which anyone has the right to register their opinion or concerns about the solar power plant proposal for CENTRAL PHOTOVOLTAICA DE ESTOI

Register as a user on the Portal Participa website and submit your contribution. 

Make your voice heard until 30th June 2023 by clicking on the button below. 


Funds are needed to challenge a large solar power plant

What we need money for:


Lawyers fees and legal costs.


Banners, posters, billboards, and live events.


Leafleting and mail drops.


Website and press releases.


PT50 0045 7142 4035 9471 1582 0



Together we can protect the natural Algarve

If you agree with PROBAAL, that the wild area between Cerro do Leiria, Barrocais, Pereiro and Peral should be protected from land clearance for a 83 megawatt solar power plant please sign the online petition:

be a part of the solution

Join PROBAAL to help preserve your local environment

We are a dedicated team who would appreciate your participation in the areas of:

Administration, Fundraising, Translation, Social Media, Publicity, Environmental Campaign/Protesting, Photography, Film Making, Flora & Fauna Expertise, Websites.

PROBAAL thanks all those who already give their time & support in these and other areas:
We couldn’t do it without you, but TOGETHER WE CAN!