Protecting the Natural Algarve

The future of our water, soil and biodiversity are of importance to all of us and PROBAAL – Association for the defence of the Environment, works in the Barrocal region of Southern Portugal in order to help protect the environment of the beautiful Eastern Algarve.

Environmental studies have demonstrated the ecological and water values of this Barrocal area and we assert that this land is of greatest value when in it’s intact state and should be preserved into the future.

Working together for nature & biodiversity


As advocates for environmental conservation your support can make a profound difference to the long-term protection of the Barrocal.

To realize our objectives, we require financial support. The funds received now will be allocated towards

• Conducting research into natural valueS
• Documenting and mapping of species.
• Community engagement IN LAND MANAGEMENT.
• Lobbying agencies regarding protection status.

In September 2023 the Environment Agency of Portugal gave a negative decision to the Central Fotovoltaica de Estoi, solar proposal, stating:

‘’ It should be noted that this area, despite not currently having any protection/classification status, it would be justifiable, given its great natural value, that it would be attributed to it, allowing it to be conserved and enhanced.’’
Our current focus lies in securing protection status for key habitats and endangered species. By obtaining legal safeguards and implementing conservation measures, we aim to ensure the long-term preservation of this invaluable ecological land.

To donate please visit our ‘Go-Fund-Me’ page and give what you can. Thank you!

Fundraising Event – april 2024

An inspiring 
dry garden tours day
with MGAP raised 1,200 euros

PROBAAL partnered with MGAP (Mediterranean Gardening Association Portugal) with for a day of fun and fundraising at Quinta das Sesmarias near Moncarapacho; Thanks to Rosie and Rob Peddle for sharing their beautiful two hectare dry garden with wild areas with us all.

Demonstrating use of the rich and diverse local flora in a garden setting, provided an insight into what nature will do if we leave it well alone. The results are that beautiful displays of wild flowersand rock roses grow happily amongst native shrubs and trees.

Recent PROBAAL campaign

In September 2023 the Portuguese Environment Agency granted an unfavourable decision to the Estoi Fotovoltaic Project

Between 2021-23 PROBAAL worked with the community to neutralise the threat of a proposed solar power plant of 83 megawatts on ecological land in the Cerro do Leiria area of the Eastern Algarve in Portugal.


PROBAAL works in the locality of the Eastern Algarve, Portugal, to protect and preseve nature and biodiversity; Follow our journey in the media.